Buddy & Caren go to Niagara Falls,
Margaretville, Woodstock
and a Wedding
The falls were more than I expected. Totally Awesome!
Standing maybe 50 feet from the Canadian edge of the horseshoe falls
really lets you feel the power of nature.
On the Maid-of-the-Mist, heading toward the foot of the horseshoe falls.
At the foot of the horseshoe falls. The sound, the "feel" of that huge amount of water...just falling...never stopping, never slowing...just always falling... was indescribable.
At the top, right where it starts falling, you can see the bottom, and all the green, green water just flowing along... and then it just disappears.
Maid-of-the-Mist, at the foot of the horseshoe falls.
After going under the falls in tunnels and looking out at the back of the water coming down, we put on our ponchos and looked up at the horseshoe falls and got soaked. What a trip!
View of the river several miles downstream from the falls.

We rode the Spanish Cablecar across and back.
The Greater Margaretville Chamber of Commerce.
Nice little town, we mailed a postcard and had a slice of pizza.
Walked around Woodstock, lots of trendy shops and old hippies.
The Wedding
Ally & Jake
happy family members
A wonderful time was had by all!